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Data C'EPT


AI is the new electricity” this is how much of a revolution in terms of industries and economies artificial intelligence brings to the table according to Andrew Ng, a leading figure in the field of artificial intelligence as well as the founder of the Google Brain project. Thus, the DataC’EPT club was founded in the aim of guiding the students of École Polytechnique de Tunisie  to discover some of it’s different aspects ; Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep learning. The activities of the club consist of presenting webinars and training sessions combining both; theoretical foundation and practice through quizs, notebooks and competitions to help members advance comfortably in their journey. The aim of DataC’EPT is to lead students to mastery level on the Kaggle platform as well as winning national, continental and international competitions on Zindi just like what past members did. Such a journey through our club will ease the members’ path into professional life in the future.


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