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Robot C'EPT


Robotics is a promising sector and in full expansion! That’s why we attach great importance to the ROBOC’EPT club. For this, it is one of the most active clubs within the school. By offering several training courses, new club members get to familiarize themselves with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and STM32…. The club creates an encouraging atmosphere and a competitive atmosphere among the young people. Therefore, club members participate in the various inter-university competitions. Last year, the club won second prize at the 2018 ULT-ROBOTS. The club offers several projects. For example, the project of building an autonomous robot on a predefined route using a "Deep Learning" approach, or the construction of an intelligent security camera with motion and face detection, or an object identification system for blind people. And what facilitates the realization of these projects is the fact that all the material necessary for this list is provided by the club.

Join ROBOT C'EPT to improve your embedded system skills