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A "Polytechnician"

A "polytechnic" engineer  is a versatile engineer who has a wide variety of knowledge not only in scientific or technical fields, but also in economics, environmental and social matters; a sum of learned theories that he puts into practice.

The goal during the training of a "polytechnician" is to master the art of analysis, to understand the problems, to acquire the competence to be able to solve problems that you have never seen before. It’s just about learning to be independent and versatile at the same time.

This is what makes such engineer distinctive.whether working in the digital, industrial, financial or consulting field, a polytechnician recognizes himself in his/her function of global ownership of issues and adaptation to needs.

The polytechnician is a jack of all trades, versatile, creative, curious. This does not prevent him/her from showing rigor and scientific methodology.


The first advantage of cross-training is to  Leave the field of possibilities open to graduates, who will be able, thanks to their training, to evolve in terms of sector as well as types of positions and functions, throughout their engineering career.