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4 C

Le Centre de Carrières et de Certification des Compétances (4C)

4C EPT Team :


Mrs Leila Dridi : Head of 4C EPT


Mrs Ines Bousnina : Training and Career Manager


Mrs Imen Kotti : Communication and Networking Manager






The Career and Skills Certification Center (4C) of Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie - part of the 4C network of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-  is a structure aimed at guiding newly graduated students in their pursuit of employment.


As part of the quality support program (PAQ) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the 4C EPT center succeeded in obtaining two competitive funds over the duration of two years thanks to two project proposals:




1. PAQ 4C Project: Institutionalization of 4C EPT for better integration of graduates into the Tunisian labor market




This first project succeeded in raising a fund of 200,000 TD which will mainly be used for the development of the 4C EPT center on a space greater than 50 m². This friendly space will be the meeting area for engineering students and coaches who will listen to them and guide them in their career choices. The new premises will house an examination center which will be used in the future to sit for certifications organized by the 4C EPT.


The PAQ 4C also offers certification training in soft skills and transversal knowledge for engineering students. These trainings will focus in particular on CV writing techniques for 1st year and 2nd year engineering students and interview techniques for 2nd year and 3rd year engineering students. The project also provides for certification training in project management (PMP) and non-certification training in “stress management”.


EPT faculty will also benefit from the PAQ 4C project through non-technical certifying training courses to enable them to upgrade their skills aimed at preparing them for the training of engineering students, administrative staff and possibly continuing education professionals. As for the administrative agents, they will follow non-certifying training in collaborative work techniques.




2. PAQ PRICE project: Make 4C EPT a center of excellence in Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Security.


A second competitive fund of 50,000 TD was acquired through the PAQ PRICE project proposal. Through this project, we aim to make EPT a center of excellence for training in Data Science, Big Data and Data Security to enable our students or professionals who join the training courses to practice the professions of Data Scientist , Big Data Architect and Head of Data Security and / or Information Systems. Thus, teachers and engineering students at EPT will benefit from certifying training courses in Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Security.




The 4C EPT center also participates in the ECONOWIN project organized by GIZ Tunisia and MESRS. This is a new excellence program for 20 young female students. They will work in parallel with academic studies, on 3 areas:


- Personal development and skills acquisition


- Immersion in business to discover career opportunities


- Networking events with economic players

Les Centres de Carrière et de Certification des compétences « 4C » is a national project which aims to improve the employability of students through counseling, support, training and openness to the social environment. -economic. The "4C" center is a structure present in university establishments and constitutes the link between the university and the socio-economic actors.